Saturday, February 7, 2015

When the power goes out....

Very early one recent morning, during the darkest part of the 24 hour cycle, I woke up sensing all was not well.  My husband said 2 words, "power out".  As I took in my surroundings I began to be aware of the dark clock face and the cold in our bedroom.

Charlie got up to do some investigating and observed that lights were out all over the neighborhood.  Because of iPhones and internet, we were able to get a sense of the bigger picture and the whole town was dark.  At the power plant, a substation had exploded; a couple of people actually caught it on film and it was pretty dramatic.

The Facebook entries began....some with concerns about warmth, many questions regarding the source, a few prayers for safety, etc.  A local TV station suggested the power may not come on anytime soon as this appeared to be a pretty major power source.  There were reports of a couple of business break-ins.

Soon after, our lights and heat came on and stayed on for a few hours.  However, not true everywhere and around 9:30am the power went out again.  Thankfully, it was not long before we had consistent power.  Through this experience, my husband renewed his commitment to getting our generator fixed.  It doesn't take much imagination to wonder about "next time".

The pastor of our church publicly posted an invite for anyone needing warmth and refuge, to "come on up" to Grace Church.  (My church is located in a neighboring community not affected by this power outage.)  I love how God works in and through His people.

It gets cold and dark when the power goes out!  Lack of electricity causes our food to spoil, our water heaters to go cold, our stoves to stop working, our electric garage doors to "freeze".  It's more than an inconvenience for hospitals; the frigid cold is life threatening.

Isn't it like that when we sin...when we erect barriers between us and God?  We have free will and thus we have the power to essentially shut ourselves off from the God Who desires good for each of us. Sin is a lot like that substation explosion; sin is messy and destructive.  Sin creates havoc in our  lives that cuts us off from our power source, God...the God Who is the Source of ALL power.  In fact, I believe, sin is (spiritually) "life threatening".

I once heard an interesting comment from a pastor friend: "sin thrives in the dark".  Just like we see people breaking into businesses under the cover of darkness, we humans are prone to sinful acts when we don't have the "God power source" in our lives.  This power outage has cause me to revisit my own heart...where are the dark places that need the light of Jesus Christ?

Years ago I heard Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham's daughter) tell a story about a time when her mother was preparing for a TV interview to be conducted in their home.  Days before the interview she dusted, wiped down surfaces, vacuumed...basically cleaned everywhere!  Then the TV cameras came in along with those powerful lights and when the lights were turned on....the cobwebs and dust motes were evident.  No matter how much Ruth Graham cleaned, she could not see it all until the big lights were on.

If you and I want to live well (according to God's plan) we desperately need the light of Christ, the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the Truth of Scripture to shine powerful light into our hearts.  I want God to root out and expose those dirty places in my life so I will stay connected to my life-giving Power Source.  I want His light to shine in and through me!

When the power goes on and off in my home, I adjust and know it's out of my control.  But praise God that I can choose to be empowered every day by God's strength, Jesus' sacrifice and by the Holy Spirit Who actually lives within me. What about  you?  I invite you to connect to the true source of power through the love and grace and shed blood of Jesus Christ.  If I can help you in any way, please contact me at


  1. This is excellent Judy. I believe the Lord is calling the Body of Christ as a whole to examine our hearts and seek out those things that are not of Him. He is calling His children to holiness as we enter these difficult days. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Nan, thank you for your comment...and your encouragement!