Sunday, March 22, 2015

Airport Observations

Today started VERY early for me….around 4am.  I wasn’t sleeping very well anyway due to the excitement and anticipation of my upcoming cross country trip.  All kinds of details were running through my brain.  No matter how well I packed and prepared, there was always something that wanted to take up even more space in my brain.  At one point, in the wee hours of the morning, I shuffled off to the bathroom (where I would not disturb my husband) to write those thoughts on paper so I could, at least, try to return to slumber land….to no avail.

Around 4:45 am we loaded up the car (I "generously" packed for this double-header of a trip since I am going on to AZ after the Portland weekend) and headed for the airport with not much time to spare; you see, we live just a few miles from our local, very small airport (love that airport….so easy to reach, no parking fees plus one of the ticket agents is a friend of ours!).  There is a tendency to make a last minute dash, especially at that early hour.

It was great to get there just in time to check my bag and go through security.  But in my haste to board, I left behind my travel pillow.  Before takeoff I texted my ticket agent friend to look around for it and she texted back that it was nowhere to be found.  (I will be thrilled if that is the only “lost” item throughout this trip!)  Maybe another passenger picked it up; I hope he or she had pleasant dreams on that pillow!

It was a short and enjoyable flight from Escanaba to Detroit since I had a friendly seatmate and we chatted the whole way.  Before I knew it the lights of the big city were beneath us and we headed for the runway. First leg, check!

I am sitting in the airport in Detroit as I write this blog and it’s such a pleasant experience….to be here when it isn’t so busy (due to the early hour).  I have enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee, do a bit of people watching, pull out my computer, and write.

Airports are super fun places to observe my fellow
sojourners.  I marvel at how different we all are, at least at casual observation; I am also intrigued by the idea that everyone has a story.  Even though we are each unique, our stories will have similarities woven throughout.  As humans we “universally” experience joy, sorrow, excitement, disappointment, love, accomplishments, failures, etc.  And there is not one person with whom I lock eyes, who does not matter to God.  No matter what he looks like, where she has been, what his/her life has been about….yes, God values each and every person who crosses my path.

So how does that impact my travel experience?.... or my day?  I think I feel less guarded and less apprehensive about my journey.  It adds a sense of adventure to know God has already planned to bless me with interesting people along the way.(God is in the “connections” business, after all.)  Before traveling I ask God to keep me alert to His movement. I want be aware of anyone crossing my path who may need encouragement; that God would give me just the right words.

Or maybe I will meet someone who needs to hear about Jesus, about His saving grace.  I love sharing with others that He is all about rescuing, redeeming and restoring.  Maybe God would have me share my story with someone; how Jesus did all of that for me.

The better acquainted I get with God, the more I realize that He has a purpose for every moment of my life.  In the most “mundane” moments, He can do wonderful things in and through me…. through all of us who authentically claim the title of “Christian”.  The Bible says we were all born to honor and love God; we were all born to be worshippers.   And when my eye is turned to Him, rather than on myself, there is no end to the joy-filled adventure in front of me.

Soon I will get on my flight to Minneapolis.  Then it’s on to Portland where I get to love on my son, my fabulous daughter-in-law and those 2 adorable grandsons. I am anticipating opportunities to spread God’s love wherever He takes me.  I want to be in tune with His plan through every moment of my life.

Where has God placed you today?  Do you see His faithfulness, His direction and His purpose playing out?  Someone once said, “If you feel distant from God, who moved?”  He promises to be intimately involved with every part of our lives but, as Anne Graham Lotz has been known to say, “God is a gentleman and He will not force Himself on us”.  Through His Son Jesus, He has provided THE WAY to God and He invites us to be a part of His grand adventure.  The Bible says there is a celebration in heaven every time someone says “yes” to God’s plan of salvation.  Come, join the party!

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