Sunday, March 8, 2015


So often I chuckle when my southern friends complain about having "cabin fever" because they have a (as in one) snowstorm or a few days of below freeing temperatures.  (I know, I am going to hear from some of you!)  Here in the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) we love to brag that we take it all in stride.  Just throw on those snowshoes and head out the door.  Ha!  It is March and I am DONE with winter!  DONE!  (So much for my "can-do" attitude!)

Since I can't make winter go away, I like to find ways to appreciate and enjoy the beauty that is still all around me...which brings me to "icicles".  Icicles have an amazing beauty; they almost look like fine crystal hanging off the eaves.  The changing formation of icicles can be an indication of what stage of winter we are in.  I often wonder what is the perfect outside temperature and the specific amount of time it takes for water to drip and freeze into those long glassy looking pieces of winter crystal?  As they reflect the light, they sparkle like precious diamonds.

Icicles can be really hard and brittle, yet they melt and drip when the sun's rays bathe them in their warmth.  When the icicles begin to drip, can spring be far behind?  Today we are having above freezing temperatures and I can hear the snow and ice falling off the house in chunks.

There are those winter days of the soul, those seasons of life that are difficult or sad....times when my heart resembles those icicles.  Hard.  Cold.  Brittle.  A heart yearning for the Son (play on words intended!) to warm and melt it.  In those long, cold winter days of the soul (which can happen during sunny summer days too - the heart issues are not specific to weather patterns), the warmth of God's love and His uplifting words are as close as my Bible.  A smile begins to play at the corners of my mouth when I start reading the Psalms, or when I read, yet again, the story of Jesus dying for me!  My heart begins to fill with gratitude.

Another potential solution to a brittle and cold heart is the love of a good who loves the Lord, who can speak encouragement into my life.  Melting begins, right there in the coffee shop or wherever we are meeting.

Praise/worship music is another great avenue for the healing of a hard heart.  It may be via the radio, CDs or corporate worship on Sunday mornings with the body of believers.  And let's not forget about prayer; I can just envision God leaning down with His ear to  me, beckoning me to come and spend some time with Him.

Are you struggling with a heart that feels like an icicle today?  Maybe it's time to let the Son shine into those dark crevices. What a miracle of healing takes place when the "hard heart icicle" begins to melt!

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