Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sowing and Reaping

After a very long northern winter it is finally time to plant some flowers! Yay! This week, in the rain (I was very determined.), I went out searching for a variety of plants. I started at one of the big box stores and found the vegetable plants my husband requested for his garden out at his camp.

Then I headed out to the countryside (not very far considering the U.P. consists of mostly “country”!) to a wonderful local nursery that always has quality plants – they are only open for 6-8 weeks and sell locally grown products.

I came home, separated the flowers from the veggies and Charlie loaded his jeep with the “camp” plants. The rest are sitting on our patio table ready to be planted. (Here in the U.P. we are leery of planting anything until the first week in June for fear of a late frost.)  I can hardly wait to “sow”, or in my case, “plant”! Depending on the upcoming weather (and there is some question about a late frost), I plan to get into those flower beds ASAP and get the earth ready to receive those plants.

  I DO SO love this time of year!!! I got out on my bike recently for a long ride with a friend. My hubby ordered a new grill and we initiated it the other night. The grass is long and we are waiting on our teen age friend to come over and get it back in shape. I hear the neighbors’ lawn mowers….a sound that hasn’t been heard in many months! Of course, the gnats are also making their presence known in full force and I’m told the mosquitoes are creating havoc in some areas. Sigh…. Oh well!

With flowers and birds and bees and gnats and mosquitoes bursting on the scene, I can’t help but think about the stories in the Bible that refer to sowing/planting. Jeremiah 17:8 and Psalm 1:3 make reference to being like a tree planted by the water; it’s about having a strong root system, a reference to being rooted in Christ. I Cor. 3:6 draws on a picture of one person planting (the seed of Truth), another watering and God making it grow. Galatians 6: 7-9 reminds us that whatever we sow we will reap.

I am so thankful for those unexpected moments God provides for me… to plant a little seed of Truth in the life of another person. It’s what I love about being a speaker at women’s events; I have opportunity to plant a whole field. And after the seeds of faith have been sown in women’s hearts, the women of that local church begin tending to those seeds.

What does that “tending” look like? It may take the direction of inviting others to a church event or caring for them when life takes a whack at them. It may be as simple as answering questions and encouraging them to come to a Bible study. It might be a discussion after work over a cup of coffee or tea. These are all moments of “watering” the seeds that someone else has planted.

Over all of this, we pray for the Holy Spirit to bring it all to fruition. Only God has the power to change lives. But oh how marvelous it is to be a “worker in His “field”. I look forward to sowing many, many seeds in whatever time I have left on this earth knowing God will bring others to water those seeds. And maybe, just maybe, when I get to heaven I will meet those “seeds” I planted. Now… that would be something!

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