Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sleepovers Still "Rock"!

It was a Friday night and the doorbell rang.  In came the girls with arms full of sleeping bags, food, DVDs, pillows and pajamas.  Let the fun begin!  The Wii game came out and they cheered each other on.  First it was the slalom run down the mountain; next it was ski jumping. And let’s not forget the hula hoop contest…all “virtual” of course! Shrieks of excitement ruled the moment!

And then there was food…oh my…these girls could have been snowed in for a week and never gone hungry.  The fireplace was warming up the room and food fueled conversation.  It was a time to suspend the cares of the week and just indulge in some plain old girl talk.

The girls picked through a variety of movies agreeing on the perfect “chick flick”.  They added popcorn to the already large array of treats (a movie isn’t complete unless there is popcorn available).  Of course, inserting inspired personal comments added a bit of narrative to what was happening on the screen.

Would it surprise you if I told you these “girls” were no longer youngsters…or even teenagers?  These “girls” ranged in age from their mid30’s to age 70.  These “girls” were in my living room and we were having way too much fun.  Who says sleepovers have to end at some point in life?  No one!

I am incredibly blessed to have friends of all ages; I love my “senior” friends (meaning those close to my age!) because we can share life experiences that only we understand, having lived through multiple seasons of life.

But I also treasure my young women friends.  They help me see the world through their eyes; they authentically value my past experiences and seek to learn from my (mis)adventures.  These dear young friends take an interest in the lives of my grown children and (appropriately) ooh and ahh over my totally adorable grandsons.  I have had opportunity to help them meet their challenges,  deal with their frustrations and celebrate their victories.  My husband and I have loved on and babysat for their children.

What drives these relationships?  What causes women to want to do a “sleepover” when there are so many other needs and people pulling on their time and energy?  How is it that women from ages 35-70 can come together, act goofy, eat like crazy, moan over a chick flick and find real life topics to discuss?

I’m about to share the secret so…………lean in, come closer.  It’s JESUS.  That's right.  It’s because of a common faith in an uncommon Savior. Jesus Himself knew what it was to have close friends, to live in community, to dine at a common table.  His table probably didn’t include chips and salsa but I would bet He enjoyed some wonderful fish and a glass of wine made with grapes from a local vineyard.  (Just for the record, our evening was alcohol free…and we still “got our silly on”!)

We Christians have the greatest reason of all to love life, laugh ‘till our sides hurt and bubble over with joy.  Check out Ecclesiastes 3:4; Solomon reminds us “there is a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance”.   

In Hebrews 1:9, God reminded His people that He anointed them with the oil of joy because they had chosen righteousness in their lives.

The words of the apostle Paul are a great explanation about “why” these friendships work in my life….the ones that span ages and take time out for games and movies.  When Paul addressed the church in Philippi he told them to be like-minded, to have the same love (for Jesus and one another) and to be one in spirit and in purpose.

Those wonderful women laughing and hooting and hollering in my living room ALL live challenging but joy-filled lives.  We know the One Who gives purpose.  We embrace and love one another.  Even in the midst of “virtual” Wii games, the joy we shared was wrapped up in like-mindedness and purposeful living. 

Most of us have heard the age old song that says, “They will know we are Christians by our love”.  I would suggest the world will also know us by our joy.  The psalms are filled with descriptions of how God’s people expressed their joy…through music, dance, poetry and “shouts of joy”.  People of God, look up!  Our King is coming back!  Let’s dance! Shout! Sing! Laugh! 




  1. Enjoyable post.

    "It’s because of a common faith in an uncommon Savior," a worthy quote.

    Write on!

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  3. I love it. You are such a special lady Judy.

    1. Jamie, thanks! There were 3 responses listed for you and two were the same. That's why I deleted one. Still don't quite know how all this works!