Sunday, December 13, 2015

Women In Community

The following poem is titled, “Women’s Ministries” found in a book called Poems From The Crucible 52 for you by Dean Schoen:

“Because their feelings go
Deeper in not forgetting
What men may forget,
Women’s hearts reach out
To the congregation’s needs.
They fill the sanctuary with
Voices that harmonize
With the angels in song
And in solo, and then teach
The children on laps of love
About their Redeemer.
They answer the call for
Meals when people most
Need uplifting grace.
First at the altar, giving
In feminine touch and prayer
The comfort needed, and
At service end, they weave
A pattern of love up the
Aisle from side to side
Through the congregation,
Stopping to minister to
One more need before leaving.”

This weekend I was in the company of women, many women.  It was a glorious experience as we gathered to honor and celebrate King Jesus.  We were women of all ages, varied backgrounds, different levels of faith….but united in our desire to join our hearts for an evening of food, fellowship and worship.

I was thrilled when Becki (leader of Women’s Ministries at my local church) and her team asked me to speak at this event.  It was pure pleasure to pray over the message that God wanted me to deliver; over time He revealed His words for these women attending this event.  As I looked over that room where we all gathered, I was struck by the beauty of “womanhood”, particularly viewed from God’s perspective.

We women surely do love our men; they have their own unique design, meant to be celebrated.  But right now I want to lift up and especially encourage my sisters-in-Christ.  The above poem touched upon a few of the wondrous ways women offer love and joy to their church families and communities.

As I allowed my eyes to wander about the room of this gathering of women, smiles and laughter reigned.  Many were decked out in sparkly (or maybe the word is “blingy”) Christmas party clothes.  As I took it all in, I was also aware of certain women who stood out, and was reminded of the individual, unique gifts each woman embraces.

There were women offering wonderful music, and I was in awe of the “harmonious voices” as they declared Jesus’s birth.  My eyes landed on someone who organizes meals for families during challenging times.  I listened to a testimony by one of my “sisters” who opened her heart and life for others to see God in the midst of her messiness.  I watched our ministry leader guide and direct, always with a sense of joy.  Off in a more private area there was a little island of one-on-one ministry happening…woman to woman.  I received hugs and watched women express affection and encouragement, freely and unabashedly.

There are so many stories of women serving….not just in my local community but all over the world.  God has given us much, including the ability to impact the lives of others for HIM.  Women, wear your femininity with humility and boldness. I have a friend who says, “We must develop a thick skin and a tender heart.”  God has gifted us, calls us to Him, pushes us to serve others, and loves and encourages us to “keep on, keepin’ on”.  Let’s celebrate God’s design for our lives and use our wonderful, Godly, feminine traits to lead others to the Christ child this Christmas.


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