Monday, April 25, 2016

Observations of a Two Year Old

It was an exhausting, exhilarating, energizing and draining time…all in one experience.  Recently I spent time on the west coast with my son, daughter-in-law/love and their two wonderful boys.  Kerry was off to a conference and I was there to help David hold down the fort.

As always, what a treat!  Henry (age six) went off to kindergarten each day leaving Gus and Nana to fend for ourselves until later in the afternoon.  How is it possible to love every moment of Gus’ shrieks, drools, climbing skills and constant movement all the while checking my watch anticipating afternoon nap time?!

We took walks to our favorite coffee store, thus being present when the “choo-choo” (city train system) went by.  Their yard held many adventures with the sandbox and water spigot.  Lunch time was fun as Gus enjoyed his tactile experience with food!

It was a treat when Henry came home each afternoon, both to enjoy him after a day long absence as well as having Gus’ brother/buddy available to play.

Watching Gus operate in his small world was a lesson in life.  Gus (turned two within days after my departure) is at the point in his development where he wants to test everything, especially the “rules”. 

One day he was handling some wires and cords that were attached to electronic devices; when I turned to look at him he had that look that said, “I know this is not allowed but…” (insert adorable grin here).  Very predictably, as I shook my head and said “no”, the grin got bigger and the hand continued to reach. (He is incredibly cute when he does that!)  We played that game for a short time until I put everything out of reach and diverted his attention.

Because Gus is only two, his actions are very transparent.  He has not yet learned to be subversive or manipulative; he is pretty “out there” with making his personal needs known!

Are we so different from Gus?  Does being an adult automatically keep us within the rules? NOT! We just get better at making our rebellion look acceptable or presentable. 

In Genesis 8:21 God says the intention of man’s heart is evil from his youth.  What happened to the “man is basically good” myth?  I do believe we can look around our world and observe the truth of Genesis 8:21.

So where does that leave me…or you…if we desire to live within God’s boundaries?  First, we must become true believers and accept Jesus as our Lord.  When we make Jesus Lord of our lives, the Holy Spirit comes into our hearts and teaches, convicts, leads and instructs us.  He illuminates Biblical truths so we can begin the life-long journey of pursuing knowledge and wisdom from God’s Word.

As we study, we then apply the truths to our lives and live out our faith in community with other believers.  Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Him Who strengthens me.” That’s a promise we can claim!  We can face those times of temptation, when sin is so very desirable.  We are given the power to live in freedom from the sin that binds.

Yes, I learned much from watching my adorable grandson.  His little boy cuteness as he tested those boundaries tested my ability to keep a straight face! He was so transparent!  On a deeper level, that experience beautifully reminded me of MY need to stay connected to God EVERY DAY!

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