Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I am totally embracing our fall season!  In the past, due to our relatively brief summers in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I was not ready to give up on summer as we approached the end of August .  This summer brought warmer than usual temperatures and a bit more humidity, which may be why I am so enthusiastic about fall.  

Summer is now in the rear view mirror but I have one last reflection, specifically about my “grandchildren time”.  My oldest grandson (Henry) is six and he has such wisdom, mixed with the innocence of childhood.  I love experiencing life from his perspective.  As an adult I sometimes complicate issues.  Sound familiar?

Last July was so special because I had more time than usual with Henry.  I spent a few days with him in his home; then he and I flew back to Michigan where Cha Cha (my husband), Henry and I filled up a week with love, joy and lots of activity. 

We three headed back to Oregon via airplane to return him to his parents and brother (Gus).  Another wonderful week was spent with him, Mom, Dad and Gus in Oregon.

Conversations with Henry were life giving, joy producing and often filled with great insights.   Following are a couple of examples:

·        I told Henry, multiple times, that I loved him.  On one of those occasions I reminded him that Jesus loved him too; we also talked about us loving Jesus.  Without missing a beat Henry said, “Why wouldn’t someone love Jesus?”

Isn’t that the question of the century?  I pray his faith is deep and mature before he discovers the painful and sad truth, that not everyone loves Jesus.  I believe God has great plans for Henry; his mommy shared with me that Henry loves to teach his friends about prayer and he will recite his memorized Bible verses to anyone who will listen.

·        In one of our conversations, I told this wonderful grandson that I believe it is important to tell people we love them.  Henry’s response: “God too.”  (meaning we should tell God we love Him).  Me: “I talk to God all day.”  Henry: “It’s like texting Him.”  Truth!

In Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  Many Bible scholars believe Jesus was using this example to teach us to come to Him with receptive and trusting hearts, just as children do.

How is your prayer life?  Your walk with Jesus?  Your study time in the Word?  Does it feel bogged down? Complicated? 

Maybe….just maybe…it’s time to get back to that childlike faith, to open your heart to the simplicity of the gospel message.  In that brief conversation with Henry, I believe God was calling me to view Him through the eyes of my grandson’s faith.

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